With a core focus on visual storytelling, Picnic Table Productions offers comprehensive services to bring your story to fruition, carefully maneuvering it from conception, through the entire process to the hands of your target market.


Need help refining an idea or creating one in the first place? The innovative thinkers at Picnic Table Productions can get the project started on the right foot.


A body can only be as strong as the structure beneath it, Picnic Table Productions can write, script, block, and storyboard the stories skeleton to provide a sturdy base with which to build the production.


With an expansive footprint in the industry, Picnic Table Productions has created a vast network of talent local to the Charlotte area to effectively and efficiently reach out to fill any role in front of the camera.


There’s no substitute for experienced, dedicated insight guiding every facet of the production process.


The actual production process is a vital step and Picnic Table Productions has the knowledge, crew, and equipment to deliver high production value no matter what the project.


Part artist and part magician, Picnic Table Productions has the editing bandwidth to tackle any size project accurately and efficiently, delivering high quality pieces on time and on budget.

Media Distribution

An idea (and subsequent video) can only be effective if it gets into the hands of those who need to see it. Whether it needs distribution to digital/web outlets, social media platforms, or news and television outlets, Picnic Table Productions has the expertise and ability to not only craft a distribution campaign, but optimize the video for that format and distribute it to the masses.